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Minor Burn Wound Treatment in Waco, TX: Minor burns, also known as first-degree and superficial burns, are among the most common types. They’re usually caused by heat or chemicals that damage only the top layer of skin—and they don’t require medical attention unless they’re on certain parts of your body or large. Burn wounds can be treated at home with simple steps such as applying cool water and ointments to affected areas within 24 hours after the injury happens.

What is a Minor burn wound?

What is a Minor burn wound

What is a Minor burn wound

Minor burns are the most common type of burn. They usually involve less than 3rd-degree burns, a deep skin burn that destroys the tissue and causes blisters. Minor burns generally heal on their own within 10-14 days, but some can take up to two weeks or more. Minor burns often don’t require medical attention unless they get infected or if there’s a high risk for scarring (for example, if someone has diabetes).

What are three guidelines to use when treating burns?

  • Keep the patient warm
  • Keep the burn clean
  • Keep the burn covered

First aid for minor burns, wound

  • Don’t spread it. It’s a good idea to keep the affected area as still as possible since any movement will cause friction and further damage the burn.
  • Don’t apply ice or ice packs: Ice causes the blood vessels in your skin to constrict and slows down blood flow, which means that healing will take longer than it would otherwise.
  • Do not use butter or grease: Applying greasy substances like butter and oil makes burns worse by trapping heat inside the tissue for more extended periods; it slows down healing time significantly because these oils prevent oxygen from reaching damaged cells.

How do you care for burns wounds?

If you have a burn wound or blister:

  • Clean and dress the burn wound. You can clean your minor burn by gently washing it with cool running water and mild soap or antiseptic solution. Rinse the area, pat dry, and apply a dressing if needed.
  • Keep the burn wound clean and dry. Do not disclose it to excessive moisture or pressure until healing is complete; this includes washing your hands frequently during showering or bathing.

Please speak with our doctors during clinic hours if you have any questions about caring for your minor burns.

How to treat a first-degree or minor burn wound?

Minor burns are first-degree burns, which means that only the outer layer of skin is damaged. These burns cause reddened skin and can be treated with cool running water for 10 minutes.

Cooling the burn under running water will reduce swelling, making it easier to apply a dressing over the area. After this initial cooling period, cover your minor burn with a clean, dry dressing and apply pressure over the area so that it stays in place until you see your doctor or midwife.


  • Break blisters as this may increase infection risk; also, do not apply butter or oil to your minor burn because they are difficult to remove from the skin once they have dried on top of it (see below).
  • Apply ice straight onto any part of your body as this can further damage the skin underneath

How are minor burns treated at home?

How are minor burns treated at home

How are minor burns treated at home

To treat a minor burn wounds at home, it’s essential to cool the burn with cool water or ice as soon as possible. This will help stop the burning and prevent swelling.

If you have a significant burn, or if it covers a large part of your body, take the person to a trouble room immediately. The doctors there can give them pain medication and advice on caring for the injury at home.

Never put butter, ointments, or other home remedies on a burn because they will make it worse by trapping heat in the skin around your wound.


In conclusion, knowing how to treat minor burns as soon as possible is essential. This will ensure that any further complications from your burn wound can be handled immediately by medical experts who know what they are doing!


What can I put on a minor burn?

Minor burn wounds (from steam, electric radiators, etc.) should first be cooled with ice water. Apply a sterile gauze pad over any open wounds. If any blisters are present, cover them with tape. The eyelids may need to be covered if the wound is on the face. If there is an open wound, apply an antibiotic ointment and cover the burn with a clean, sterile dressing. If the burn is extensive, the emergency room may prescribe oral antibiotics.

How long should a minor burn be covered?

Minor burns are those that are less than 3rd degree. If you have a minor burn, it should be covered under your insurance for as long as needed. Just because you don’t need treatment for it immediately doesn’t mean you will not need it in the future. A minor burn can take several weeks or months to heal and may leave scars. It can take a long time for the skin to heal from burns.

When treating a minor burn, should you not?

Never use butter, milk, or other dairy products to treat a minor burn. The dairy products will ooze the burned skin and worsen the pain. The milk proteins in the milk can also promote infection. Applying sterile gauze and wrapping the gauze in a nonstick bandage will help keep the bandages from sticking to the burned area and causing pain.

What is the correct treatment for a minor burn?

Most minor burns can be treated. The following are general guidelines for first aid treatment for minor burns:

Run cool tap water over the burn for about 10 minutes. This can be done at the same time as other first aid procedures.

Do not use ice-cold water because ice-cold water numbs the skin.

Do not use butter, ointments, or creams because they may be harmful.

Do not take off any clothing that is stuck to the burn.

Pain medicines and most other medicines should not be used.

Call a doctor if:

The burn is on the face, hands, feet, or genitals.

The burn is more significant than the size

How long does a minor burn wound take to heal?

Minor burn wounds take a while to heal. Your body will begin to naturally heal the burn within the first few days of being injured. The body will start to create new skin layers and shed the damaged ones. New skin will appear in 3-5 days, and new skin will appear as you continue to heal. Minor burns will usually recover within 7-10 days.

Best Doctor & Clinic to get Minor Burn Wound Treatment in Waco, Tx

Minor Burn Wound in Waco, Tx

Best Doctor & Clinic to get Minor Burn Wound Treatment in Waco, Tx

If you are searching for the best clinic to treat your Minor Burn Wound in Waco, TX, look no further than Waco Heart and Vascular. Dr. Nicole Reid is a highly skilled and experienced doctor who can provide you with the best care. She has an excellent bedside manner and will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.

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